The Loan Process

5 Simple Steps For a Successful Home Loan Process

Step 1. Go House Shopping

Whether you are purchasing a newly built home from our affiliated builder or are looking for a current listing, it’s the perfect time to connect so we can discuss your homeownership goals and explore your home buying options.

Hint: Don't forget about our handy online calculators to help you along the way as well.

During this stage, it’s also a great idea to work with an agent, view properties and search for houses online. Once you’ve found your dream home, it’s time to move on to Step 2.

Step 2. Submit Your Loan Application

Now that you’ve found the home you want, it’s time to fill out a loan application and submit the required documents needed to process your application. Simply click the Apply Now button from any page on my website. Our online application captures all of the important information we need to pre-qualify* you, make a loan recommendation and give you an estimate. If you have any questions or want guidance along the way, I’m here for you.

Step 3. Get Conditional Approval

Processing will then submit your file to underwriting for review so that conditional approval can be issued. A conditional approval, also known as a loan commitment letter, is a basic approval that is subject to certain conditions, such as appraisals, verifying assets, etc.

During this step, we’ll make it fast and easy for you to digitally transfer, upload or email us the important documents we need to verify your information and process your application.

Step 4. Wait For Final Loan Approval

Our team will review your application and any other documents while working through any last-minute questions before making a decision about your loan. I’ll keep you updated so you always know where you stand and what comes next.

Step 5. Sign and Close

During this final step, we’ll double-check everything one last time to make sure your closing process goes smoothly. I will provide you with the final closing figures, you’ll sign some paperwork, pay closing costs, and then it’s time to say HELLO to homeownership!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me for more information!

*A prequalification is not an approval of credit and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met.